GENIUS NY Cohort 7 Elevates Uncrewed Aerial Systems Startups and Local Job Market

GENIUS NY Cohort 7 Elevates Uncrewed Aerial Systems Startups and Local Job Market

In the heart of Syracuse, New York, the GENIUS NY accelerator has become a thriving hub for innovation in the uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) industry. As the program propels emerging UAS startups towards success, these companies are not only revolutionizing the skies but also playing a significant role in boosting the local economy by creating job opportunities. The teams of GENIUS NY Cohort 7 have wasted no time in bringing in talented local professionals to support their growing companies.

Aloft, creator of fleet management software, hired Emily Limpert in September of 2023 as Director of Business Development. In reflecting on her evolution at the company so far, Emily noted, “I have unlocked my ability to close deals. Aloft makes it easy because the product is so good.” She looks forward to the continuing technological innovations developing in Syracuse and how that plays into her work at Aloft. “I plan to keep closing deals and help develop a roadmap that ensures customer success,” she said, “I think the aviation community in Syracuse is valuable and we benefit from having a strong network here.” Asked about something she has learned about the drone space in her time at Aloft, “Drones can replace dirty and dangerous jobs.”

Over at Blueflite, Josh Greenway joined the team in October 2023 as a Flight Systems Engineer for the drone-based logistics platform company. While the most memorable experience for him was Blueflite winning the $1 million grand prize at the GENIUS NY Pitch Finals event, he has been inspired by how much the GENIUS NY program wants to help all the companies succeed. “Being supported by so many that truly want to help, makes anything seem possible,” said Josh. He has found the Syracuse innovation ecosystem to be “extremely helpful and full of potential.” Asked about what he hopes for the future of Blueflite, he replied “More time in Syracuse!” With the Blueflite team often at their Michigan headquarters, Josh plays an important role maintaining the downtown office at The Tech Garden. “I’m excited to see us grow here in Syracuse.”

VOTIX, a GENIUS NY cohort 7 team that specializes in software for drone orchestration and autonomy, brought in Mirco Kunz as their Business Development Specialist in September 2023. Mirco, reflecting on his role and Syracuse said, “Prior to coming to GENIUS NY I was unaware of the innovation ecosystem that Syracuse had to offer, but I was pleasantly surprised with how friendly and open the ecosystem is. I believe Syracuse has a great future ahead with startups and other industries coming here.” He is currently working on business development in the Drone as First Responder sector, which has him focusing on building relationships with local Syracuse area police departments. “I’ve been able to develop so much knowledge about the startup world and also about the drone industry,” said Mirco, “And I’m very excited for this next year as I grow with the company and see all the things VOTIX has in store in the near future.”

Voltela, who provides guaranteed network connectivity for unlimited safety of autonomous drone operations, has also recently hired two employees locally. Raghuram Voruganti was hired as a Software Engineer, and Shilpa Sainath Wade as a Data Engineer.

GENIUS NY’s unique model has not only accelerated the growth of these UAS startups but has also energized job creation, further solidifying Syracuse’s position as an important national tech hub. As these cohort companies receive the support to grow, so does the local economy. Thanks to the dedication and passion of individuals like Emily, Josh, and Mirco, the UAS and tech ecosystem in Syracuse and the Central New York region continues to emerge as a top destination for innovation.

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